Our Menu


Eggstero Special, 2 eggs any style with home-style potatoes and toast

*Add choice of Batemon’s bacon, sausage, ham or corned beef hash

Rick’s Chicken Fried Steak with 2 eggs or home-style potatoes, biscuits and gravy

Egg Scramble with Diced Ham, home-style potatoes and toast

Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs, Estero Gold cheese, and choice of three items,

*Batemon’s sausage, bacon or ham

*red pepper, mushroom, tomato, avocado or onion

Omelet, your choice of 3 items

Veggies: Red pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, avocado

Cheese: Estero Gold, SpringHill Farm’s red pepper jack, cheddar, Bohemian Goat

Meat: Bateon’s ausage, bacon, ham or corned beef hash

Lox and Bagels with capers and onions

Grandma Dotie’s Swedish Pancakes, with a side of applesauce or tapioca pudding

*Add side of bacon, sausage, ham

Karen’s French Toast, with a side of applesauce or tapioca pudding

*Add side of bacon, sausage, ham


Svenska Bullar, swedish breakfast bread with cardomon, raisins and sugar                         

Galette Pastry,  pastry filled with fruit

Cinnamon Toast
Sourdough Bagette with butter and homemade Jam     

Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Granola with choice of raisins, cranberries brown sugar or honey                                                            

Strauss Organic Yogurt with fresh fruit


Mimi’s Tuna Salad, mixed greens, carrots, onions and tomatoes topped with Tuna salad                                                             

Spinach Salad with cranberries, red onions and seasonal fruit

House Salad, seasonal salad greens, carrots, beets, cucumber, tomato, and edible flowers

Kansas’s Kale Salad with olive oil, raspberry vinegar, honey and ginger dressing

*Add Goat cheese, blue cheese or Estero Gold Cheese

* Add Smoked salmon or chicken

Soup of the Day

Soup n’ Salad– house salad with cup of soup and homemade bread


Cheese Plates

* Choice of Valley Ford Cheese Co. Estero Gold and Highway One or Bohemian Cheese Co. Goat cheese or combination. Choice of crackers or sourdough bagette, and seasonal fruit or sliced carrot and celery.

Cheese plate n’ Dennis’s Smoked Salmon Same as above with Dennis’s Smoked Salmon

Special of the day


Served with side of French fries or choice of salad-three bean, coleslaw or seasonal greens. Choice of breads include homemade sourdough white or wheat, or traditional buns for burgers. Made with mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper, tomatoes, lettuce. Soy mayonnaise available.

BLT, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

Turkey, with Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onion. Cranberry sauce is optional

Tuna Salad Sandwich prepared with onions and celery, lettuce

Grilled Ham and Cheese  

Roasted Veggies-seasonal veggies on a sourdough toasted bread

Batemon’s Hamburger-1/3 lb beef

Batemon’s Cheeseburger1/3 lb beef

Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Burger, gluten free

Jack’s Grilled Egg Sandwich


Wine and Beer


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